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How to play Irish Poker ?
Irish Poker Tips
Irish Poker Drinking Game

Irish Poker is a game in which four-hole cards are dealt instead of 2 and the other cards are dealt by the dealer just like normal poker with the flog, the turn and river dealt after the normal round of betting. It is an interesting game that involves a little luck and a lot of skill. If you wish to play Irish Poker, do check out these rules and gameplay.

How to play Irish Poker ?

Four cards are dealt which the players can see as they are kept the face-up
All bets are placed pre-gameplay. The player can bet pre-flop
The flop (three cards) is dealt by the dealer
Players have to choose two cards which they think have a better chance of winning and discard the other two. For example, A player gets 3 and 6 of clubs and a king of hearts and a queen of diamonds and when the flop is delivered the cards on the table are 4 and 5 of clubs and an ace. The player will be more inclined to pick and 3 and 6 of clubs as they have a high chance of obtaining a straight flush or even a flush.
From here, the game starts looking like Texas Hold’em Poker in which all players look to make the best hand out of 5 cards.
Players do not have to use both cards at showdown. The player with the best hand at the end of the game wins the pot.

Irish Poker Tips

Irish Poker truly starts as a game of Omaha and ends as a game of Texas Hold’em. Be sure you’re not betting the potential of your four hole cards on the flop. Choose your best two-card hand and play it like you would in Texas Hold’em. 바카라사이트
Don’t stay in the preflop round unless you have somewhat of a decent two-card hand. Again, certain four-card drawing hands that might play well in Omaha won’t look so good after you discard two after the flop.
Don’t get “Irish Poker” confused with “Irish Poker Drinking Game”. A Google search for “Irish Poker” turns up plenty of results for both, but you don’t want to be engaging in a drinking party game while at the same time playing for money.

Irish Poker Drinking Game

You can play the Irish Poker drinking game with as many people as you want and all you need is a deck of cards and a playing surface. Each player get four cards laid facedown in a row in front of them. The person to the left of the dealer starts by guessing if their left most card is red or black. If they guess right, they hand out two drinks (make 2 other players take a drink); if they guess wrong, they take two drinks themselves. This continues all the way around the table. For the second card in line, you guess if it is higher or lower than your previous card. If you get the same card that you already have, you automatically drink. If you guess right, you hand out four; if you’re wrong, you drink four. And around the table again. For the third card, you guess in between or outside of the two cards you already have. If you get one of your cards again, you drink if you said outside, but you’re safe if you guess in between. This time, the losers drink six and the winners hand out six. For the last of the four cards, you must guess what suit your card is. If you are wrong, you drink eight and if you’re right, you hand out eight.


In this game players try to guess properties of their next card. If they’re wrong they drink if they’re right they give drinks. Once each players cards are flipped the dealer flips through the rows in the middle and players get or give drinks if they have those cards.

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