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Ultimate Frisbee is a well-known sport that is played with great zeal and enthusiasm in many countries of the world. To play, you move down a football-sized field by passing the frisbee to your team of 7 players. The other team’s job is to stop you from getting to their endzone by knocking the disc down or intercepting it. The game has no referees, which keeps the game interesting, as the players are responsible for upholding the spirit of competition and sportsmanship themselves. The sport is very spectator friendly, as the flying disc is a captivating to the participants and the audience alike.

Ultimate Frisbee is now known in many countries simply as the less-catchy “Ultimate” due to the fact that Frisbee is a registered trademark. It is a fast-paced sport with similarities to netball, football (soccer) and American Football. 토토 Played by around five million people in the US and with leagues in the UK and other European countries, Ultimate is a far cry from the humble origins of the Frisbee.

As with many inventions there are multiple reported variations on how Frisbees came to be, but the commonly agreed version is that it comes from the Frisbie Baking Company, whose empty metal pie tins were thrown by college students in the 1920s. Subsequently, in 1948, Walter Morrison invented a plastic version with improved aero-dynamics, and then followed the Pluto Platter.

Ultimate was created in 1967 by students at Columbia High School and in 1979 the Ultimate Players Association, now USA Ultimate, was formed. The sport has grown from its early years as a relaxed sport played for fun and increasingly attracts better athletes and is played more competitively.


What are the benefits of playing frisbee?

1. Frisbee is generally classified as moderate to vigorous exercise: the increased heart rate which occurs when playing frisbee allows it to be classified as a moderate to vigorous exercise. If you play frisbee for 30 minutes, this meets your recommended moderate to vigorous exercise for that day.

2. Playing frisbee increases caloric output: frisbee games involve lots of movement therefore we burn calories while playing.

3. Interval workouts are common: when playing frisbee there is a lot of stopping and starting this results in interval type workouts. Interval workouts involve short bursts of intense activity followed by longer bursts of less intensive activity.

4. Frisbee when played routinely lowers blood pressure: if you routinely play frisbee, the routine exercise level results in better heart health and lowered blood pressure.

5. Playing frisbee increases agility: frisbee requires hand eye coordination and a sense of where we are in physical space (usually an outdoor space). Continuing to play increases our ability to catch, aim the frisbee and anticipate where the frisbee will be. This improves our agility also known as our ability to move quickly and easily.

6. Often frisbee play includes social interaction: most frisbee games require participation by at least one other person or pet; therefore, this results in social interaction which contributes to social wellness and often emotional wellness.

7. Playing frisbee increases endurance: as we routinely participate in sports like frisbee we increase our ability to play longer, endurance.

8. Games with frisbee are a full body workout: to play Frisbee you must throw, reach, run, or walk fast, look up, look around this all results in a full body workout.

9. Frisbee improves mood: multiple things related to playing frisbee such as exercise, social interaction and being outdoors can improve our mood.

10. We can lose weight playing frisbee: exercise especially moderate to vigorous exercise, like most Frisbee games, can result over time in weight loss due to increased output of calories.

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